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Front End Developer

We’re looking for a front-end developer.

Webs is a well-funded startup that helps users bring their businesses and hobbies online with websites, Facebook pages, online stores, and customer-relations management. We already have millions of users and rapid growth on our bottom-line.

We’re looking for a well-rounded front-end developer who can jump in and build pages and applications seen by millions of people every day. You should be able to build out the gorgeous designs of our award-winning designers, optimize pages to load fast, fix browser compatibility problems, and write modular, testable JavaScript for our large web application. We expect that you have strong opinions about clearfix v. overflow, jQuery v. micro-frameworks, prototype- v. closure-based object-oriented programming, and CoffeeScript and other js-next implementations. We also expect you know when to use time-tested tools rather than the latest hotness.

Beyond front-end skills, you should also be able to help us develop user stories to grow our bottom-line, communicate with peers and managers in our SCRUM process, and gel with the whole startup vibe.

Unlike most jobs you find in this area, we’re not a government-consulting firm or “a big company with a startup feel”: we’re an actual startup. So there are some things you should know up front:

1. We were founded by three very dorky brothers on a server in their closet.

Pluses: your boss won’t stare at you blankly when you try to explain why his vague ideas can’t be put into code.

Minuses: the CEO might personally browbeat you on your poor cacheing strategy.

2. We work hard but have a realistic, agile process for shipping software.

Pluses: you won’t be here late into the night because of shifting requirements.

Minuses: you might be here late into the night playing Starcraft with the founders.

We have all the expected perks:

- Foosball

- Company lunch provided three times a week, and snacks all the time

- Shorts and t-shirt ok, shorts and witty t-shirt better

- Monkey

How to apply

So come and join us! Submit your resume and cover letter online at

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