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Front End Developer/ Web Developer - Junior/ Graduate/ Mid

Have an idea for how to improve our UX? Great! Now code it and ship it, all in the same day.

The Mission

viagogo is on a mission to revolutionise the way people get tickets to live events, making it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world to see their favourite artists, teams or shows live. We’ve helped over 15 million people from over 150 countries attend live events, and we’re just getting started. We believe creative individuals with innovative ideas are the engine for our rapid growth, so we’re looking for the world’s smartest front-end developers and UX designers to join our Front-End Team, where you’ll be given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people.

Your Role

Your role is simple – think of ways to improve our user experience and get these improvements into the hands of our users as quickly as possible. Have a feature in mind? Great! Now code it and ship it, all in the same day. We deploy fast and often, and you’ll be given full autonomy to test your own ideas with direct access to data on how your changes impact our millions of users around the world. You will not be a user researcher, a designer, a developer, a copywriter or an analyst; you will be the best of all of them, because if you have a great idea, we believe you are best suited to own it from start to finish. So you won’t be assigned your work; you’re going to be the one creating it.

Of course you won’t be alone. You’ll be part of a small, focused and agile team of talented developers and designers just like yourself, because we believe collaboration is essential. You should thrive on the feedback and critique from your teammates and not be shy to give it in return. You should come prepared to learn new skills from veterans of the front-end and share your own unique skillset with others.

Your Skills

You get things done. You can swiftly turn an idea into a reality. That means you’re comfortable with HTML and CSS. If you have no experience, you’re eager to learn. Familiarity with JS and/or C# is a plus, but not necessary. Shipping features fast is not an excuse for sloppy code – quick and clean, not quick and dirty.

You break the rules. You know that every product is unique and UX “best practices” can hinder innovation or fall apart when users span over 150 countries and 30 languages. You know the best ideas don’t always come from books or blogs; they come from putting yourself in our users’ shoes and taking inspiration wherever you can find it.

You thrive on feedback. You don’t just come up with great ideas, you test them, and you respect that data that comes back from our users. Sometimes they will respond positively to your change and sometimes they won’t, but you won’t be discouraged. You’ll use the wealth of data available at your fingertips to understand user behaviour and find the next best idea.

You are a team player. You work not just to advance your own skills or ideas, but also to help the team and the business succeed. This means being open to feedback from others and giving it in return. It also means recognising that the best ideas might not always be your own.


We reward strong performers with rapid career advancement. We will never hold you back from taking on more responsibility if you are capable. We host monthly, company-wide hackathons to experiment with new technologies and radical ideas. And you’ll be working in our new, beautiful office space in the heart of central London.

How to apply

Apply online at or visit to see our other openings!

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