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Creative Developer

We’re a movement that is just starting out and we need a certain type of developer. Could we use a front-end developer, yeah sure.. Could we use a back-end developer, yeah sure.. Could we use a web designer, sure.. But we’re adopting this new role thats been going around the industry for sometime now called a Creative Developer. What does that mean?


- Eye for design

- Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT

- Strong communication skills

- Ability to “design” on the spot and within the browser as oppose to just using photoshop

- Solid understanding of user experience

- Experience in web, mobile and app development

- Understanding of PHP, MYSQL and Utilizing wordpress

- Build custom plugins

- Customize, customize and customize.

We’re looking for a creative developer who can create custom code for our application. It’s 100% custom built within wordpress but not in how you would imagined. So in order to be qualified for this position you need to be really good at front-end development, back-end development and design.

How to apply

Send the following to - Hourly Rate - Availability - Github Account For Code Review

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